7 DIY Ideas for a Plastic-Free Halloween

One of the scariest things about Halloween is all of the plastic waste it generates. From plastic decorations to plastic masks to plastic candy wrappers to synthetic costumes... the environmental impact of Halloween is truly frightening.

This year we challenge you to use real stuff and make real stuff because we know it is possible to enjoy the spooky season without all of the terrifying plastic waste.

Check out these plastic-free DIY ideas and SHARE your ideas with us by tagging on Instagram.

1. DIY Fabric Pumpkin from

We absolutely love this DIY Fabric Pumpkin from Fat Quarter Shop! It is such a wholesome, festive decoration that works well for both Halloween and for Fall in general. Check out the tutorial . 

DIY Fabric Pumpkin (@fatquartershop).png

2. Scary Edibles, You’re Gourdeous Veggie Dip Tray, The Zombie Mummy Sausage Roll Family, Spiderberries, & Halloween Edibles from :

When it comes to adorable and seasonal food inspiration, @foodbites is one of our absolute favorites. We enjoyed so many of their Halloween ideas we couldn’t pick just one. 

Scary Edibles (@foodbites).png

*cucumber and cantaloupe skulls

*blueberry centipedes

*watermelon abominable snowman

*watermelon skeletons

*watermelon voodoo dolls

*watermelon ghosts

*white chocolate & pretzel mummies

*cantaloupe & chocolate Book on 2020

*white chocolate & pretzel spiderwebs

You_re Gourdeous Veggie Dip Tray (@foodbites).png

The Zombie Mummy Sausage Roll Family (@foodbites).png

Spiderberries (@foodbites).png

*Strawberry Ghosts

*Cheddar and Pretzel Brooms

*Pretzel Vampires

*Mini Pepper Frankensteins

Halloween Edibles (@foodbites).png

3. Skull String Art from

This stunning idea is one of the most popular DIY Halloween decorations sisters and have ever made. We can’t say that we’re too surprised--are you?

Skull String Art (@abeautifulmess).png

4. Felt Ghosty Yarn Garland from

Christen Glenn, the crafty gal behind @lunabeehive, creates absolute WONDERS with felt. And while most of her work is way out of our league, we are confident that we might actually be able to replicate this adorable DIY Halloween garland.

Felt Ghosty Yarn Garland (@lunabeehive).jpg

5. Book Page Pumpkin from

Though most of Kara’s creations are culinary, it turns out she also has some tricks up her sleeve when it comes to crafting DIY Halloween decor. Check out her step-by-step tutorial for how to make this adorable .

Book Page Pumpkin (@creationsbykara).png

6. DIY Ghost Windsock from

We love to see how creative people get with materials they find around the house. This from Chicken Scratch NY is such a fun way to upcycle a tin can.

DIY windsock ghost (Chicken Scratch NY).png

7. Paper mâché pumpkin piñatas

Trick-or-treating might not be possible this year, but you can still have fun with your family by making your own paper mâché piñatas using strips of newspaper and a paste made of flour, water, and salt. . Decorate the outside to make it look like a pumpkin, fill with treats, and hang with a fabric ribbon. These pumpkin piñatas are fully compostable once the tissue paper decorations are removed. Happy Halloween!